Yet not, the compliment relationships try brought to your question when you look at the 12 months sixteen

When Grey’s Anatomy first began, Alex and you may Meredith were frenemies and you can was in fact within the lingering race with each other. But not, since the collection proceeded and a lot more of the brand spanking new shed either passed away or remaining, brand new duo expanded better sooner created a sis-such as for example relationship. Alex and you will Meredith were able to secure themselves a maximum of 25 ballots with regards to totally platonic rooms scenes you to definitely saw her or him cuddle and often scream together with her.

Reddit representative Perhaps not_Rawb responded issue put forward by simply stating that «should you have asked which before Alex leftover, I really could have chosen for them.» So it will pay honor with the complete ignore getting Meredith’s thinking when Alex kept Seattle, saying good-bye so you’re able to Meredith months just after his deviation as a result of a letter. Specific audiences point out that Alex’s silent departure was to protect Meredith’s emotions but other people argue that it had been the last thing Alex might have done to Meredith because of the woman accessory products, indicating its suit relationships had became unhealthy.

4 Maggie And you can Winston

Maggie and you may Winston’s love tale truly began once they reunited in the seasons sixteen even with Winston’s schoolboy crush into the Maggie if the pair worked along with her in the Tufts. The couple ultimately had the possibility into the season 16 where they slept with her and chatted about strong sufferers in the a medical conference they one another occurred to attend but Covid-19 noticed the couple move wing quizzes to on line enough time-distance relationships.

Winston in the future transferred to Seattle where he proposed in order to Maggie and it later hitched. Regardless of the couple’s apparently primary relationships, he has got had the great amount out of ups and downs but fans features big hopes for the couple’s future (towards the partners searching 31 votes).

3 Callie And you may Mark

The connection ranging from Callie and Draw are a tough you to defeat in terms of it being the finest consolidation between both platonic and you can romantic. Even after there are of many unpopular views related Mark and his adventures, Callie been able to look earlier Mark’s character, leading to this lady extracting his difficult outside in a number of out-of by far the most heartwarming views. Reddit affiliate Perhaps not_Rawb mutual an opinion kept by many people admirers of the reveal which is you to «Callie and Draw was in fact definitely platonic soulmates,» on the combining acquiring 47 ballots altogether.

However, that isn’t to say here just weren’t minutes where Draw and Callie perhaps overstepped boundaries, specifically because they could get too employed in for each other’s dating and not bring each other space (even though they asked for they). That usually resulted in friction between Mark with his couples and you can Callie and you can hers, fans may see as to why specific may believe they did not have the healthiest regarding ties.

2 Amelia And you will Connect

Amelia and Link are one shock relationship in the Grey’s Structure one to generated done feel. Even though the its relationships has been one that features obtained new minds off people, it has additionally come came across by several good and the bad. Nonetheless, regardless of the relationships chaos, the couple managed to receive 53 votes from the Reddit poll, indicating one admirers thought their relationships is actually proper one (or perhaps has the potential to feel).

One another Amelia and you can Hook are a couple of positive letters inside Grey’s Anatomy one assistance one another whenever one thing get tough (although not, this has not for ages been the outcome with Hook up insisting Amelia had good paternity shot so that the child is his). Even if Link’s method of the difficulty wasn’t sensitively tackled, the guy in the future apologized and you will flower towards challenge, appearing audiences you to definitely Connect was with the capacity of carrying himself accountable and apologizing whenever an enthusiastic apology is owed. The happy couple continued to go good reflecting the self-awareness much more about but the current matter more Amelia’s use up all your regarding wish to wed Hook up enjoys left particular admirers reluctant over if the future will continue to be suit.

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