That have transforms out-of events, Oshtor, Kuon, Anju and you can rest always battle Gaunji while the Munechika works together with another that

about mid way of the fight one minute Gauji appears,Exactly as they are going to haven, the fresh twins position others handling, good caravan includes aside seeing the battle, right now the next Gaunji score alongside they Munechika instantly appear and you will reduces the new beast’s attack, Anju are alleviated to see her as well as really as someone otherwise.

Because they come, Oshtor secret as to why Kuon appears worn out from the time Fumirul showed up and you will hence the guy also curious about their true relationships

Oshtor instructions troops so you’re able to support the Fort, the guy pertains to understand that Raiko’s purpose would be to separate Ennakamuy forces so that they cannot reach additional regions. Munechika tell the lady facts immediately after the woman simply take when you look at the Tuskur; As General wonders the new whereabout off Haku, shows you all occurrences you to definitely taken place, a noble is released about Tuskur’s carriage which turns out to-be Fumirul (much in order to Kuon’s serious pain) whom raises due to the fact a rich seller from Tuskur, but really Oshtor candidates one she might have things to-do for the Tuskur little princess. Fumirul releases Munechika from her debt and county due to the fact prisoner away from conflict and therefore Munechika output to help you Anju’s services.

Oshtor claims you to definitely a feast should be held for the Ennakamuy getting one another Munechika and Tuskur caravan as the military and individuals will end up being grateful observe one of the Mainstay General now aiding Ennakamuy end up in. Exactly as it return in order to Ennakamuy plus Fumirul, Kuon warns Oshtor to be cautious out of Fumirul, she tells your that he’s going to understand soon since latter didn’t get the meaning of their caution.

Oshtor provides Kiwru to visit Fumirul as prince out-of Ennakamuy, even in the event he become kind troubled as well. Following, Oshtor miracle as to the reasons Kuon is really so tired, Kuon tells him which he will quickly understand just after purchasing enough time with Fumirul and you can tells your one to Fumirul is additionally known as the female out of Destruction.

Just after sunset, a luxurious feast are kept in order to enjoy earn and you can arrival of their traffic. Eventually, Anju takes their leave just after speaking with Oshtor. The guy observes that soldiers is predicated on Fumirul with no moved the beverages, Oshtor studies the woman away from a much thinking why the woman is nicknamed Women off Destruction because the their charm cannot attach to you to identity.

Once a small chat with the fresh new twins, Fumirulcomes to Oshtor to thank your on the acceptance together with banquet, she as well as apologies having future because the an enthusiastic ambassador to the property in times from warAs they brighten both of their cups, all of a sudden Fumirulloses the girl harmony and you will plows straight to Oshtor because she drops at the top of him.

That it bring about a beneficial awkward problem since the troops rating jealous regarding Oshtor becoming that have female Fumirul. As he attempts to settle down new troops during the vain given that she helps to make the problem even worse to own him.

Which means that Oshtor pertains to understand why Fumirul is named her of exhaustion, she is effortless however, not aware of the lady procedures causing instance chaos.

Kujyuri [ ]

A couple of days just after its win from the Rumoy pass, Oshtor plus the rest assemble during the combat council, Oshtor establishes that they need to send a small party some other countries to achieve support since most other Ouros and their someone has actually accepted Ennakamuy previous victories. Oshtor comes to Rulutieh (just like the she actually is the new daughter of the Owlo Ozen features strong experience of the nation) and inquire her to become his envoy for having him since friend and therefore others nation you’ll think so you’re able to sign up their end up in, and since Ozen provides left Rulutieh lower than Oshtor care vital feel worry about their daughter coverage. Rulutieh ultimately believes. Which means it journey to Kujyuri.

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