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Whenever disagreement pops up, it could be problematic for the kind 9 and type 4 to coexist and you can resolve their difficulties. Due to Kind of 4’s anxiety about feeling misunderstood, such Individualists can get incite a contradictory minute, wanting a shared understanding.

In the event it is a disagreement that does not features anything to create on the Type of cuatro, if the a good cuatro seems its viewpoint might have been deal, they’ll have to speak it out with the spouse. But while the Type 9 doesn’t see argument, and may also look reduced-than-genuine when trying to save an optimistic feelings more a bad you to definitely, their make an effort to eliminate something easily unlike function with they is scrub Method of 4 the wrong method.

If you find yourself Type cuatro people will anticipate the kind 9 showing more ideas (and start to become very activated regarding their very own) it will be a little while like a battlefield, for the 4s answering, demonstrating a complete spectrum of emotions, in addition to 9 withdrawing toward by themselves and seeking to closed the latest argument which have an easy and quick service-if you don’t zero solution whatsoever.

Simple tips to overcome and embrace the differences

Whenever an enthusiastic Enneagram Type of cuatro gets discontent towards condition quo, the sort 9 may feel like they are perambulating shaky ground. If there’s one thing nine detests, it’s a feeling of suspicion and disharmony, thus a type 4 can create better understand tips communicate with these delicate types rather than dismantling the latest peaceful environment.

At the same time, the sort nine should think of Kind of 4s focus on a good piece of variety and you may excitement within their big date-to-day existence. Despite Style of 4 craving balance into the a relationship, however they worth particular spontaneity with regards to schedules, preparations, or gestures away from enjoy, and you will a small amount of prefer may go a considerable ways with respect to assuaging the sort 4’s anxieties away from disinterest and you will misunderstanding.

Given that largest disagreement region of Type of 4 and kind nine appears inside the exhausting affairs, each type is learn to best show and you will listen just before getting activated or shutting down.

Other places which can wanted update include Type 9’s anxiety about change-since the Sort of cuatro is more open to its individual increases, expansion, and you may advancement while the a person becoming-together with Variety of cuatro will be take on the sort 9’s curiosity about comfort and balance. All of these qualities can also be coexist when you look at the a romance, however it is to both Particular 4 and you will nine in order to accept per others’ weaknesses and strengths and learn to expand together with them.

Summing-up an Enneagram 4 and you can 9 matchmaking

Even with Enneagram cuatro and you may nine relationships variations, both of these versions normally learn how to coexist from inside the an unified condition you to almost every other couples you will jealousy. The origin of these types’ pairing try solid, while each person actively works to make on it, this Enneagram pairing would-be one of the best collaborations truth be told there is actually. Just like any Enneagram combining, the best thing one pair or set of members of the family can do should be to tune in to for each and every others’ viewpoints and you will works on deciding to make the relationship stronger.

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